Photopack top 3 preview

19:05 –  Complete results 

We have a superb winner in  Clayton Lindlay who demonstrated originality and flair. 

Here are the complete results of the final, find the details of the « download » area of ​​the newsroom, and the photopack to follow soon.

1 – Clayton Lindlay
2 – Tyler Chaffin
3 – Dylan Morrison
4 – Roomet Saalik
5 – Auguste Pellaud
6 – Jamie Addison
7 – Dante Hutchinson
8 – Richard Zelinka
9 – Nelson Charles
10 – Louis Riviere
11 – Sacha Fesquet
12 – Maxime Bouzid

16:55 – Group 3 : Morrison, Saalik, Chaffin and even Hutchinson fall behind.

Finally, after the last group lasting over ten minutes where the riders took some incredible risks, Claydon Lindlay keeps his lead!

Despite seeing some incredible combos from Dante Hutchinson he stacked twice failing to pull off big transfers. His elegance on the SFR large quarter pipe was simply not enough to compensate for his errors. He finishes in 7th place.
With a 1080 Romet Saalik impressed us all but stays at the bottom of the podium where Dylan Morrison takes his place thanks to his grace during his triple bar flip and his amazing 540 air bar.

Lastly, its Tyler who gets the closest to Clayton with his first run full of air, to beat clayton he tempted a fastplant front 720 but his failure means he remains in second place.

16:25 – Group 2 : Clayton takes the lead

An intense group with the very young Jamie Addison accumulating multiple variations of tricks and using a more street style we have the up rail master Auguste Pellaud who lands the gap to board slide attempted by Nelson.  He puts himself in second place for the time being. However, he is still far behind Clayton Lindlay who impressed everyone with his original runs throughout the whole park which he travels laterally using several big jumps.  He finishes his run with a lovely transfer but unfortunately won’t be counted in his run but will stick in our memories! With a full dive into the Lez he was cheered on by the masses of crowds

16:10 – Nelson Charles is on fire!

In front of a huge crowd and some of the world’s best riders, Nelson Charles is on the go with a huge front flip and finished with an incredible gap to grind on the long pyramid, unfortunately he finishes with a huge crash.  We can see that the pressure is on and that the riders are bringing everything they have to the table. It is clear that this is going to be a spectacular final.

16:00 – The Scooter Freestyle final is on the go!

With 12 finalists 5 of which are French whom will have to confront each other from the go! We will be watching some of the best riders on the planet which we will see in the last group.  Each rider has two runs both lasting 50 seconds. The rider with the most points given to them by the judges, WINS!