FISE World Series 2018 ends in style! We couldn’t ask for a better place to close the season than at this crazy Chengdu stop!

Chengdu has been enjoying FISE competitions since 2014, and it is now an event that nobody wants to miss. As a result, more than 250,000 spectators gathered over the 4 days, to cheer on the 400 professional and amateur riders. It may be the addition of a new permanent Park, the new location or the addition of Scooter and BMX Flat which brought out so many people. With 5 sports including 3 World Cups, it was definitely last but not least at this stop. Yesterday we crowned the Mountain Bike Freestyle and Skateboard Street Winner, and it was now time for the WS Roller Freestyle World Cup, the UCI BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland World Cups to get their chance to shine.

Today was all about the battle for the overall rankings, and with anything possible in each discipline you could feel the tension in the air.


The first final of the day was on the Freestyle Park for the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Women’s World Cup. Hannah Roberts struggled in her first run due to an ankle issue that has been troubling her. She proved just how tough she is when she battled through the pain in her second run and smashed it! She scored 81.20 which was good enough for second place you can see . German rider Lara Lessman who recently won Gold for Germany at the Youth Olympic games Buenos Aires, nailed it on her first run. She really impressed the judges and crowd with some killer combination tricks and scored a big 83.30 points which was enough to take the win. In 3rd place was Nikita Ducarroz who produced a really slick run which you can watch. She flowed round the course and stacking up the tricks. She managed to land a great 540 which is becoming a signature trick for her. The pressure was definitely on for this one as it was the first event to count towards qualifying for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.


This was the last UCI BMX Freestyle Park women’s final of the season meaning we can now crown our Champion! For the third year in a row Hannah Roberts takes home the overall win. The win definitely wasn’t easy as Lara Lessmann pushed her all the way and almost managed to clinch the victory. It will be super interesting to see how this battle plays out again next season. In third place was Nikita Ducarroz who was consistently impressive throughout the whole series.


Today’s final was full of shocks and surprises. Yesterday’s top place semi-finalist Dennis Enarson put in a super slick run, with characteristic huge transfers to score a big 90.00 points. He was then over taken by an epic 2nd run from Jake Wallwork. Enarson couldn’t land what he wanted in his second run so it was Jake who deservedly walked away with the win. It was a first ever win at FISE for Jake and he said “I can’t actually believe I won it”. Declan Brooks came in 3rd to complete the top 3.

What a wild ride this year’s men’s park season has been, culminating with a crazy event here in Chengdu. The surprising results in Chengdu’s UCI BMX Park Men’s Final means it was all change in the overall rankings today. Nick Bruce’s failure to qualify severely affected his chance of winning the overall and he slipped down into 3rd place.   Daniel Dhers and Marin Rantes fought it out until the end and it ended up with only .200  difference separating them. In the end Croatia’s number 1 Marin Rantes won it taking home the top prize and his first ever FISE World Series overall win. What a Fantastic season he has had!


Another exciting final on the flatland stage! The crowd were mesmerised by the creativity and style of the flatland final.  Jean William Prevost had a perfect run and he showed why he was last years champion, his control and execution were flawless and he was delighted to take home the win « I’m more than blessed to do this in my second home China » In second was Moto Sasaki he completed at least 5 really good long combinations and scored a well deserve 90.00 points. In third was familiar face on the podium Matthias Dandois who packed his run full of signature tricks.


An absolutely amazing year for flatland in the first ever UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup. It came down to the wire between 2 really good friends Alex Jumlin and Matthias Dandois.  The two French riders pushed each other constantly as they battled in events across the world. Alex didn’t find his rhythm here in China and finished 4th. Matthias Dandois managed to hold on to the top place making him our overall winner for the second year

World Skate Roller Freestyle World Cup

Then it was time for the WS Roller Freestyle World Cup to gather the crowds around the massive structure set up by Hurricane Parks. So there we have it, Diako Diaby is our winner today with a score of 88.00. His high-flying moves, ease and consistency are what allowed him to take the win. He’s followed by Joe Atkinson with a score of 83.33, who was able to showcase his unique style and trick selection his run. Unfortunately, a few missed tricks prevented him from beating the frenchman. He’s still at the top of the overall rankings, so he’ll be pleased with that. Finally, Yuto Goto gets 3rd place with a score of 81.67 rewarding his highly technical grind combos and precise style. This puts him in 6th place in the overall rankings.


The women were not left behind, they enjoyed a rad final on the brand new permanent Park. The street type park, was brightened by the pure flow of Chihiro Azuma who landed everything like a precision machine. She took the gold today and you can watch her run here, followed by the Barcelona street skater Mery Munoz who enjoyed the setup which fitted perfectly with what she loves to ride. The French Rollerblading Princess Manon Derrien completed the podium, by dropping her tricks with her super classy style which is her signature.


Japan, proves once again why it is considered the sacred land of the BMX Flat, dominating the BMX Flatland World Cup standings. Misaki Katigari is at the top of the table and ahead of the other Japanese rider Eri Futnasu. Perseverance and patience brought her the victory. Third place, is occupied by the French rider Céline Vaes who has distinguished herself brilliantly this season.

This season has been a wild ride I hope you have enjoyed it! Make sure to stay tuned to find out where the FISE World Series 2019.