Photopack top 3 preview

(after the competition)

12:00 – Complete results !

Well done to all the competitors for such an intense emotional and passionate final!

1 – Minato Oike :
2 – Nikita Ducarroz :
3 – Lara Lessman :
4 – Hannah Roberts
5 – Teresa Fernandez
6 – Angie Marino
7 – Ellie Chew
8 – Elizaveta Posadskikh (sfr rider of the day)
9 – Nina Buitrago
10 – Katherine Diaz
11 – Lotta Grüber
12 – Perris Benegas

Uci World cup rankings

1 – Hannah Roberts : 17700 pts
2 – Lara Lessmann : 16400 pts
3 – Nikita Ducarroz : 16200 pts
4 – Minato Oike : 15900 pts
5 – Angie Marino : 15700 pts

All results and photos are available on our  “download” section of the news room.

Thanks for having followed us!

11:45 – Group 3 : Minato Oike takes home her first FISE win!

What a fantastic final group with the four-top tier qualified ladies! We saw Teresa Fernandez jump two meters over the coping of the large bowl a little like her compatriot Sergio Layos! With a completely different style the swiss rider Nikita Ducarroz blew us away with a 540 right on the buzzer. We all know how exhausted the riders are after the first run, this did not seem to bother her as she scored a whopping 83.20 points behind Minato Oike. Oike displayed her incredible form from the semi-final and shocked 2016 and 2017 world cup winner Hannah Roberts.

The American stacked her first run but despite this pulled off an amazing second run with a bus to xup and an amazing flair, but with 79.9 points she has to stay content with 4th place and gives Oike the win before she has her second run!

Full of emotion she deserves the win, she pulled off a vast array of stunts including a flip, a condor and a turndown! A well earnt win and a well-played first place since her FISE journey started three years ago!

11:20 – Group 2 : The bar has been raised by Lara Lessmann

The level has intensified in the second group in which we find Elie Chew from New Zealand and her famous turndown, the charismatic Angie Marino who thrills us with her super runs and an incredible transfer! Despite the style and scoring over 70 points it wont be enough for her to take first place as the German Lara Lessmann storms ahead with 80.4 points! Lessmann (last years winner) demonstrates her capacity to score big with a crankflip to a footplant on the big wall to start things off! These women are a huge inspiration in the development of the sport !

11:00 – Group 1 : Nina is still here!

After 20 years of riding the American Rider Nina Buitrago knows how to make her presence known! With an extremely fluid riding style and great control over the coping bars she is pulling out all sorts of variations! She is the only one to have used the walls for the moment however, the Russian Elizaveta Posadskiskh is in the lead for the moment with a lovely bus to xup on the box!

10:45 – The women are shredding the UCI Park!

Two years since the Olympic madness the ladies continue to show their progress and battle each other to gain points for their country and a chance to fulfil their dream of Tokyo 2020!  In order to do this, they need to gain the most points possible in two one-minute runs and will be awarded by our judges: Van Homan, Poki, Dave Cleworth, Romuald Noirot and Luka Kovic. The sun is shining and the heat is yet present, perfect conditions for an amazing final.

10:30 – Off we go !

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on our brand new course!

We have 12 riders which will be divided into 3 groups of 4. Each rider has 2 runs in order to show off their stuff!