Spicy Saturday in the home of Sichuan

Today it was time for the Mountain Bike and Skateboard finals to heat up this Chinese affair! We crowned a FWS 2018 overall winner – find out who it is below

Ladies first, so women were the first this morning to shred the parks in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Semi Final. Consistent performer and all round awesome rider Hannah Roberts took her usual spot at the top of the table. Team GB rider Charlotte Worthington is sure to be stoked by her second place and can feel extra confident going into tomorrow mornings final.

Then it was time for yesterday’s second place rider Tomas Lemoine (his run here) to battle with the semi-final leader Timothé Bringer on the Mountain Bike track. Completed by Paul Couderc, the French trio were about to steal each step of the podium but the Swedish rider Alex Alanko managed to grab the third spot. Tomas, with his unique style absolutely smashed the final and took home the gold.

Insane level in the mens UCI BMX Freestyle Park Semi Final! 24 Riders lined up to battle it out for one of the 12 spots available in tomorrows final. The standard was super high and the leaderboard constantly changing. BMX Legend Dennis Enarson struggled in his first run but smashed his second scoring 89.80 and putting him in top place check out his run. FISE new comer Zebold from Latvia came in second. He impressed everyone with his unique style and fresh approach to the course. Japanese rider Rim Nakamura completed the top 3. He also struggled in his first run but his second was flawless. It’s hard to believe he is only 17.

The Flatland scene wasn’t forgotten today, with the Mens Semi-final and the Women’s Final of the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup taking place.  The Japanese Misaki Katagiri who won this last stage of the FWS 18 with 77.66 points. She produced back to back tricks in an incredibly calm and controlled manner. Kruglova Ekaterina took inspiration from street riding and she came in second place with 67.66 points.

Matthias completes a perfect run that has it all. He combines technicality and style, taking influence from all forms of BMX riding. If he continues tomorrow as he did today he’s sure to be crowned FISE 2018 overall champion. His friend and rival for the title Alex Jumlin finished in 6th place, he will be looking to come back stronger tomorrow and it`s definitely a battle you won`t want to miss . Jean William Prevost came in second place with a really impressive run that  showcased his signature style controlling the back wheel. In 3rd was Moto Sasaki from Japan. He struggled at the start but went on to produce on intense run. Special mention for Raphael Chiquet who placed 4th. He had the judges on the edge of their seats with a risky run that he managed to pull off superbly.

These finals have allowed us to witness a varied and tremendously high level of skateboarding that is represented by this podium. Kechaud Johnson (his run here) came 3rd thanks to his high-speed, high-risk skating. He surprised everyone with a 270 fs lip on the a-frame and a 3-trick combo. Joseph Garbaccio (his run here) gets the 2nd place rewarding his ability to skate both street obstacles and transition with ease, style and confidence. His wallie noseblunt was one of the best looking tricks of this contest. Finally, Richard Tury (his run here) takes the win and becomes the leader of the overall ranking with an exceptional 91.00 score on his second run watch his run here. He already knew he would win beforehand but still stomped down a perfect run doing flips or even heelflips into all of his slides.