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21:37 – Fantastic tricks on display

The crowd and the riders had loads of fun during the best trick competition!

Check out the best and worst moments here

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Watch some of the best tricks here :

21:08 – Van Helvoort takes the stage

The evening of the best trick is always an opportunity to introduce the riders to the public and for riders to discover a new set up and get acquainted with the spot here on the Rives du Lez. It’s still not usual to see a wakeboard competition in the city.  Max Van Helvoort delights the crowd with his double tantrum

20:45 – The delicacy of Daniel Grant

First run of Daniel on the park he lands a nice double backside 180, super smooth and only a few meters from the steps of Lez.

20:38 – Graham Cameron from South Africa begins his run and wows the crowd with a switch front side 180

20:30 – Best wakeboarding trick is underway

Start of the best trick on the wake park with 21 riders ready to go. The best trick of every rider will be judged to determine the best of all. It’s simple and it works.

00:00 – Live is coming !

Wait and see !