Photopack top 3 preview

19:05 – Semi Final Results

A fantastic semi final that sets us up for a beautiful show tomorrow! The final 12 best of the day:

1 – Dante Hutchinson – Watch the replay
2 – Tyler Chaffin
3 – Roomet Saalik
4 – Dylan Morisson
5 – Auguste Pellaud
6 – Lindley Clayton
7 – Richard Zelinka
8 – Jamie Addison
9 – Maxime Bouzid
10 – Charles Nelson
11 – Louis Mathieu River
12 – Sacha Fesquet

The complete results of this semi final of the Scooter are available in the dedicated area of ​​the Newsroom.

Final tomorrow Thursday at 3:45 pm … live commentary here.

18:50 – Dante Hutchinson shows why he’s world number 1

The world champion did the job by landing some of his favourite tricks like a flair halfcab out of backward grind; an unexpected combo among so many beautiful airs. He knows how to do everything, and takes the lead in this semifinal without surprise with 90.25 pts.

18:45 –  Clayton treats us to an awesome display

The American may not have completed two perfect runs but he showed once again that he has everything to finish on the podium with a mix of style, amplitude and originality.  His runs showed some of the flair that saw him finish first in qualification yesterday.

18:30 – Tyler Chaffin was hungry

The American has gone off like a bomb on his first run and produced massive tricks to score a big 86.25 pts. He even allowed himself to have fun on the second run with two attempts at the double-front front flip pleasing the crowd. He already stands out as one of the favourites in the final that will take place this Thursday afternoon (3:45 pm)

18:10 – Bouzid vs Pellaud

After the run of Maxime Bouzid placed him in the lead with a run of 74.25 points … Auguste Pellaud knocked him off the top spot with a run scoring 77.75 points where he landed crazy combos going uphill (up rail to 540) and down the rails (270 tooth to lipslide 360 ​​out!). The two could not do better on their second run, probably because of fatigue. The level in this semi final is rising and rising

18:00 – Mathieu Louis Rivière in the lead

After two heats and the runs of 8 riders, French Rider Riviere has the best run scoring more than 70 points. The Park has definately proved a challenge for some riders and we saw many falls, including Kilian Lahrer who missed his big flip and Didine Terchague falling backward on the rails.

17:45 – A brand new park dedicated to Scooter and Roller

After taking place on the Spine Ramp and the Street Park for the last few years, this year the riders finally have a Park dedicated to scooter. The set up is much more suited to their sport with all kinds of rails and ramps to showcase their skills. The park was built in record time by FISE Wizards and could prove to be a challenge for some of the riders who may not be used to riding such huge structures. The scooter semi final is being broadcast live this year for the first time, a positive sign for Scooter which is fast becoming a major discipline in the Action Sports family.

16:20 – Fourty minutes to go until live updates begin !

Wait and see !