SUNDAY JULY 15TH •​ 13:40 UTC-6

Photopack preview

14:56 –  The Final Results!

  1. Ikeda  DAISUKE
  2. Richard TURY
  3. Joseph GARBACCIO
  4. Adrien BULARD
  5. Danny LEON
  6. Maxime GENIN
  7. Aurelien GIRAUD
  8. Jonathan  JEAN-PHILLIPE
  9. Zander GABRIEL
  10. Brandon VALJALO
  11. Mike PINOWAR
  12. Kechaud JOHNSON


14:52 –  Last rider Richard Tury starts his run

Unfortunately he fails to land the tricks he wanted an it’s going to be his first run that counts meaning he won’t be able to overtake Ikeda and he remains in 2nd place


14:50 –  Daisuke lands his signature McTwist

A perfect run for the Japaneese rider landing a tray flip lipslide to fakie, frontside air in the quarter pip and a back 180 50/50.

He improves on his first run to score 85.16 an extend his lead in first.

14:35 –  Great run from Garbaccio

Despite landing an ollie boardslide, back 180 50/50 and a big frontside air over the channel he scores 82.00 pts the same as his first run which is much to his surprise.

14:35 –  Daisuke does it again

Can anyone stop this Japanese rider from walking away with the gold? He scores a huge 85.00 to land in the first.

14:30 –  FWS 2017 winner Jospeh Garbaccio starts his run

Its an action packed run scoring 82.00 points and pushing his fellow French man into 2nd place to take the top spot for the moment.

14:25 –  Standings at the end of Heat 1 Run 2

1. Adrien Bulard 79.66
2. Danny Leon .  75.33
3. Maxime Genin 76.33

14:15 –  Danny Leon takes a bad slam

The Spanish rider managed to land copious amounts of tricks including a Front blunt, crooked grind and a feeble grind before he took a hard slam against the boarding around the park and fell to the floor. Thankfully he is ok and still scores 78.33 moving into 2nd.

14:09 –  Amazing run from Adrien

Adrien was leaving nothing to chance despite being in the top spot he gave his all during his second run. Landing an amazing amount of tricks including a Half cab 50, backside lip slide, ollie backlip, tray flip and a massive ollie heel crooks to score a well deserved 79.66

14:07 – Standings at the end of Heat 1 run 1

  1. Adrien Bulard
  2. Maxime Genin
  3. Danny Leon

14:02 – Huge frontside air from Danny Leon

14:00 – Zander Skating with an injured shoulder

But you couldn’t tell he managed to land a bunch of complex tricks including a  backside 50/50 and Feeble to 50 back into to Feeble scoring him a respectable 72.00 pts.

13:50 – The Format

There are 12 riders taking part in the contest and they will be split 2 heats of 6 riders. Each rider has 2 runs of 60 seconds to wow the judges and it’s the best run that counts.

11:30 – The line up for todays Final

  1. Adrien BULARD
  2. MikePINOWAR
  3. Zander GABRIEL
  4. Danny LEON
  5. MaximeGENIN
  6. BrandonVALJALO
  7. Kechaud JOHNSON
  8. JosephGARBACCIO
  9. Aurelien GIRAUD
  10. Jonathan JEAN-PHILLIPE
  11. IkedaDAISUKE
  12. Richard TURY