SUNDAY JULY 15TH •​ 16:00 UTC-6





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17:20-  The Results are In

  1. Logan MARTIN
  2. Marin RANTES
  3. Dennis ENARSON
  4. Daniel SANDOVAL
  5. Justin DOW ELL
  6. Nick BRUCE
  7. Daniel DHERS
  8. Alex NIKULIN
  9. James JONES
  10. Kenneth TENCIO
  11. Jake LEIVA

17:15-  Leiva Crashes out

After a bright start he took a hard fall and is unable to continue

17:10-  Logan Martin delivers under pressure

What a run from the FWS 15 and 16 winner. If the Australian rider was feeling the pressure he sure didn’t show it. He landed a double barspin, flair barspin over the channel and a triple tailwhip to score an absolutely huge 95.00 pts rocketing him to the top of the table.

17:05-  Enarson narrowly misses out on first place

He delights the crowd landing tailwhip to tabletop, tailwhip 270, wall rides and a 360 suicide nohander to score 91.40 just 1.20 points behind first place Marin Rantes

17:00-  Dowell makes his second run count

Justin wasn’t taking any chances in his second run pulling off the Twix once again alongside 360 1 foot can, double barspin backflip and a cannonball to barspin. He scored a well deserved 90.10 putting him in 3rd place.

16:55-  Enarson lives up to the hype

What a run from the BMX legend! He covered the whole course landing trick after trick. Double suicide barspin, huge transfers, barspin disaster and nollie tailwhip



16:52-  Youngest rider in the competition lands a Twix!

Justin Dowell the 18 year old from the USA lands a twix before he calls it time on this run. He just wasnt feeling it.



16:50-  Top 3 at the end of heat 2

  1. Marin Rantes      91.60
  2. Daniel Sandoval 90.80
  3. Nick Bruce           89.40



16:40-  Sandoval moves into second

The rider from the USA tears through the course landing a triple tailwhip and a frontflip flair to score a huge 90.80



16:34-  FWS 2017 champ Daniel Dhers

An action packed run from Daniel as usual landing a bunch of tricks including a 360 1 foot can can over the camel back! But its not enough to break into the top 3 and he scores 85.40



16:30- Daniel Sandoval goes big

Landing a triple tailwhip, 360 double tailwhip and a windshield wiper 36o. But its only enough to score 83.00 points which shows how high the standard is here today.



16:27- Top 3 after heat 1

  1. Marin Rantes
  2. Nick Bruce
  3. James Jones



16:25- Marin Rantes starts his second run

His first run was so awesome that he uses this run to just throw down a massive 360 triple tailwhip which delights the crowd! He is still sitting in top place after scoring that massive 91.4pts with his first run.



16:15 – Brandon Loupos pulls out of the competition

Unfortunately his bike was stolen just before the competition and he is unable to compete


16:10 – Nick Bruce Struggles to pull off his usual well executed run


16:05 – The Format

12 riders split into 3 heats with 4 riders each. Each rider has 2 runs of 60 seconds to throw down their best tricks and it’s the best run that counts.

12:00 – The line up for todays Final

  1. Nick BRUCE
  2. Brandon LOUPOS
  3. James JONES
  4. Marin RANTES
  5. Alex NIKULIN
  6. Daniel SANDOVAL
  7. Daniel DHERS
  8. Kenneth TENCIO
  9. Justin DOWELL
  10. Dennis ENARSON
  11. Logan MARTIN
  12. Jake LEIVA