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19:00 The results are in! Only the top 12 go through to tomorrows final

1 LEIVA Jake
2 MARTIN Logan
3 ENARSON Dennis
4 DOWELL Justin
5 TENCIO Kenneth
6 DHERS Daniel
9 RANTES Marin
10 JONES James
11 LOUPOS Brandon
12 BRUCE Nick
14 FOX Brian
15 CASEY Pat
16 MALOTT Jeremy
17 TRYON Bryce
18 WEBB Mark
19 CAILLET Istvan
20 BONDU Joel
21 ANDREEV Konstantin

18:43 Nick Bruce scrapes into the final knocking out Rim Nakamura

18:41 Rim Nakamura needs a big run after he tapped out of run 1

The young Japanese rider kills it in his second run landing a quadruple truck driver and scores a well deserved 83.60 landing in 12th place knocking out Brian Fox

18:35 FWS current leader Nick Bruce starts his run

He manages to land a 360 windshield wiper and a camelback before the giro cables popped out and he was unable to continue. He is really going to have to bring it in his second run

18:28 The creme de la creme from qualifying line up to start their runs


18:25 Top 3 at the end of heat 5

1. LEIVA Jake

2. MARTIN Logan

3. ENARSON Dennis

18:20 Logan Martin scores a huge 91.40 to push Tencio out of the top 3

The FWS 2016 winner Logan Martin showed he is truly back on form after he was ruled out of the start of the season with a bad injury to his shoulder.

1. LEIVA Jake

2. MARTIN Logan

3. ENARSON Dennis

18:15 Brandon Loupos winner in Hiroshima has everyone holding their breath as he crashes from a huge hight. Thankfully he is ok but that was a big one

18:1o FWS 2017 winner Daniel Dhers begins his run

Dhers is known for his consistent riding using all of the Park and pulling out big tricks. Despite pulling off a clean run he is only able to manage a score of 80.06 putting him in 9th place. Perhaps he is saving his big tricks for run number 2?

18:05 Top 3 after heat number 4

No one can knock the American Jake LEIVA off the top spot not even BMX legend Enarson who sits in second place. Will someone from heat number 5 be able to challenge Jake?

1. LEIVA Jake

2. Dennis Enarson

3. TENCIO Kenneth

17:51 The Man the Legend Dennis Enarson

The riders favourite rider who is known throughout the world for his insane video parts takes to the park to huge cheers from crowd and fellow riders. He does not disappoint, lighting up the course and the crowd by landing a 360 double barspin throwing his hands out suicide style.

He sails into second place with a 89.80 surely if it wasn’t for a dropped foot he would have been first.

17:44 Heat 3 fails to change the top 3

After a bad crashes for both Nikulin and Coleborn the top 3 remains the same after heat 3

1. LEIVA Jake

2. TENCIO Kenneth

3. SANDOVAL Daniel

17:30 Pat Casey shreds the course

Pat took home 1st place in the Spine Ramp competition in Montpellier and is known for his ability to land big tricks. During his run he packed in the crowd pleasers including a backflip on the transfer, 180 tailwhip to fakie and a 360 to fakie to score 82.60 points putting him in 6th place.

17:27 Heat 3 kicks off with Canadian rider Joel BONDU

This rider has been described as a fitness freak and he will definitely need some stamina today as he is doing double duty taking part in both the Freestyle Park and Flatland competitions.

17:25 Top 3 after the first 2 heats

1. LEIVA Jake

2. TENCIO Kenneth

3. SANDOVAL Daniel

17:20 Brian Fox pulls off a huge second run

Landing a 720, a flair barspin and a flair whip Fox sure knows how to put on a show for the crowd. His packed run landed him a score of 83.40.

17:08 Kennith Tencio lands his signature backflip drop in!

Costa Rican rider sails through his first run scoring a huge 88.20


17:05 – Mark Webbs tire explodes

Incredible bad luck for Webb after falling on his first run his tire blew up on his second run he still managed to land a score of 73.20.


16:45 – Caillet takes a tumble

The French rider is super unlucky to fall badly and unfortunately can’t continue his run

16:45 – 23 riders line up for the Semi Final

The semi final will see us enjoy 6 heats of 4 riders. Each rider will have 2 runs of 1 minute to land their best tricks and it’s the best run that counts.

1 CAILLET Istvan
2 TRYON Bryce
4 WEBB Mark
5 TENCIO Kenneth
6 FOX Brian
7 LEIVA Jake
8 BONDU Joel
10 CASEY Pat
12 JONES James
13 ANDREEV Konstantin
14 ENARSON Dennis
16 DHERS Daniel
17 MARTIN Logan
18 RANTES Marin
19 LOUPOS Brandon
20 MALOTT Jeremy
22 BRUCE Nick
23 DOWELL Justin